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The Heart of Aging with Joy, Resilience, and Wisdom

What’s your vision of aging?  Do you see aging as a journey of decline or one of exploration and possibility?

A new vision of growing older embraces aging with curiosity, creativity, courage, a continuing desire to learn and grow, and respect for the powerful wisdom of our years.

Join us as we explore these dimensions of aging. Discover a deepening joy and reflect on where aging is calling us now. Experience a community of mutual support as we discuss meaning, resiliency, and giving back our gifts and wisdom.

Virginia Berger, MA
Certified Retirement Coach
Conscious Aging Aging Facilitator

Gail Braverman, MA, LMFT
Certified Sage-ing Leader

A Workshop Series

Wednesdays, October 23 and 30
10:00AM to 1:00PM
Oasis/Grossmont Center
Class #469
Fee: $40

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